Tim was a Godsent. After being told by my previous attorney that "You have NO options, you're going to have to pay the court ordered amount". This statement was delivered without any consideration of the many circumstances that I felt would modify the court order of the asset division. After hearing that I procrastinated retaining an attorney and even flirted with the idea of representing myself. The day before my hearing I took the day off work and went to the courts and sat in the courtroom listening to the various attorneys representing their clients. It's there where I discovered a competent and confident Tim Ewanyshyn. When he finished with one of his cases I followed him out of the courtroom and introduced myself. I asked him if he would represent me on my case the next morning, I brief him on the situation, he reply "Sure, meet me at my office in La Quinta at 4:00 later this afternoon". He met me at his office, reviewed my case and for the first time gave me encouragement. The next morning he was able to obtain a continuance despite opposition from the other party. When the hearing date arrived, Tim successfully achieved everything I wanted, saving me an enormous amount of money even though he was up against a much senior, experienced former judge currently practicing law as an attorney. I would highly recommend Tim for any family law issues that you may have.


I had a TOUGH case and I do not put that lightly! I have a 5 year old little girl who's dad and I split up and I had always had her but all of a sudden he wanted her he wanted the time I had and wanted me to have weekend's he was NOT going to stop till he gained CUSTODY. With in a 5 month time span we were in court three times and one of the times was an emergency hearing because under false statements he was granted temporary custody for 30 days with out me having no visitation I was horrified I went to my child school to pick her up and was GONE!! I called Mr. Ewanyshyn he told me don't worry I will have a emergency court hearing set for Friday this was Wednesday. I was scared but I had faith in my lawyer. When we went to court Friday Ava was returned to me due to Mr. Ewanyshyn stating the fact and the truth and be a great lawyer to re join a child with her mother not only was my little girl given back to me but I was granted a moved I had requested my little girls dad try to fight it! He tried hard but Mr. Ewanyshyn brought out the family law book and stated cases and gave facts that day I was granted the return of my child and my move! The 1st time Mr. Ewanyshyn went to court for me I did not appear he appeared for me and my little girls dad try to hold me in competed of court and try to prove me as an unfit parent! It was a fight and from the bottom of my heart I know that things could have gone another way if I didn't have him! He knows the laws he knows everything child custody laws and he is a blessing to me! I have recommend him to as people as I can and my court case was Oct 25th, 2013 to this day I still call with any questions I have he answered them and I know I will always need him my little girls dad is no joke! He is not a great person he was not a big part of her life like I was and then to decide because he had a stable job for more years than me and I was moving he was trying to say I was not stability for our child it was a fight but I had the right lawyer on my side! I recommend Mr. Ewanyshyn when it comes to your children going to court is hard but with him on your side it makes it all make sense.