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Not All Court Decisions Are Set in Stone

An appellate law attorney in La Quinta, California can argue for a different outcome

Appealing a judge's ruling is possible, but success hinges on having an in-depth knowledge of court procedures and presenting a compelling argument. The appellate law attorney at La Quinta Law Group is well-qualified to handle your case.

Since the appellate courts follow different procedures than trial courts, we'll walk you through the appeals process so you know what to expect. You can feel confident knowing that our appellate law attorney will fight relentlessly for you.

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Unrivaled expertise on both sides of the courtroom

Attorney Ewanyshyn has been practicing law since 1995 and has been focusing on appellate law in the La Quinta, California area for more than a decade. He has the skills needed to...

  • Represent individuals and businesses
  • Petition for or respond to an appeal
  • Handle civil or criminal appeals

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